Fifa Street 2


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legends definately need to be added, ratings need to be more accurate and i think maybe club teams should be added, not whole teams, just like the top 5 or 6 or something. needs improvement, but overall, the first product is quite good.


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they definately need to allow a long season kind of thing. And you should DEFINATELY BE ALLOWED TO PLAY 2 PLAYERS AT ONCE against the computer in rule the street or "season" mode. Wider courts would be nice too.

A smoother control is a MUST. Its such choppy controlling....
A way to defend better that would, in turn, make a better way of beating people. Creating your own moves would make the vs. experience cooler. a one on one feature should be there. Maybe as a bonus or something.

I dont know about club teams, but there definately should be more national teams and LEGENDS! WHEN WILL EA PUT SOCCER LEGENDS IN THEIR GAMES?!?!?


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FIFA Street 2 its official and heres what they had to say about it

Humiliate or Feel Humiliation
Humiliate or feel humiliation with the ultimate display of football skills in FIFA STREET 2 from EA SPORTS BIG™. This time your arsenal of tricks is the ultimate humiliation weapon you use to dominate and obliterate your rivals with reputation-destroying moves.

Your skill with the Trick-Stick will determine your survival as you compete against the very best the streets have to offer. Use the right analog stick to unleash a varied arsenal of tricks at your disposal to dominate with style and humble opponents with or without the ball.

Hit the streets and go one-on-one with the best Pro Players from all around the world, or even challenge the hottest up and coming talent from the streets. Grudge match situations will result in Beat Battle encounters that allow you to test your skills one-on-one with your opponents. Use the Trick-Stick to attack and counter -attack skill moves to steal the opponent’s credibility and unravel his tricks.

Then really destroy the competition with the redesigned Gamebreaker Trauma finishing move. A specialised trick meter that you fill each time you show up your opponent with skills and once full charged unleashes the ultimate trick combos that could win you the match.

Humiliate your rivals to become the best the streets have to offer in FIFA Street 2.


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Key features

Using the right analogy trick stick in combination with the button controls execute specific tricks to intimidate and disgrace your opponent.

One-on-one encounters between players result in meta-game 'Beat Battles'. These match ups now require both the attacking and defending player to use the Humiliation Weapon to counter-attack each others tricks resulting in the ultimate bragging rights payoff.


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hmm doesnt sound like they have introduced ne thing new really, probably will be disapointing like fifa street 1. The idea of this game has so much potential but EA are just to lazy.


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i agree totally on that one, seriously the intro fer winning eleven 9 is better than the whole of fifa street, they could make so much but they just made a simple repetitive game which was only good the first time you played it, i will still probably buy fifa street 2 but i seriously hope this time a bit more effort goes into it


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ausbarca said:
i agree totally on that one, seriously the intro fer winning eleven 9 is better than the whole of fifa street, they could make so much but they just made a simple repetitive game which was only good the first time you played it, i will still probably buy fifa street 2 but i seriously hope this time a bit more effort goes into it

and they're different game...


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This is the latest about FIFA Street 2

Key features
The Trick Stick Weapon
Intimidate and disgrace your fiercest rivals by executing an onslaught of tricks—including new juggling moves—using the right analog Trick Stick.

Skills Battles
Let loose in one-on-one Skills Battles where both the attacking and defending player use the Trick Stick to counteract each other’s tricks for ultimate bragging rights.

Gamebreaker Trauma
Fill your Skills meter by obliterating rivals with tricks, then demoralise your victims with awe inspiring special moves during Multiplier Trick “Gamebreaker” moments.

Pro Superstars and Street Masters
Featuring more than 320 pro superstars representing 20 national teams, plus a deeper selection of street masters that reflect the individual culture and style of soccer from their respective part of the world.

All-New Pitch Creator
Build and customize your home turf from the ground up. Add your own flair by choosing from hundreds of options, including pitch surface and location.

Player and Team Creator
Create your own player and team to form an unbeatable squad, and express yourself with more than 1,000 customisable characteristics including hairstyles, shoes, and accessories.

Rule the Streets
Progress through the ranks of underground street tournaments against the street soccer elite. Customise the abilities of your players by mastering new trick moves, or team up with a friend in 2 player Co-op mode.

Sounds enough to me, but any comment or something? :ewan:


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I´m also wondering about the PC version. Can´t find anything on the official site about a PC version.


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National Player List for Fifa Street 2

Argentina: Tevéz,Saviola,Abbondanzieri,Lux,Crespo,Riquelme,Sorín,J. Zanetti,Heinze,Verón,D'Alessandro,Samuel,Messi,Ayala and Cesar "El Chelito" Delgado

Australia: Viduka,Kewell,Cahill,Emerton,Agostino,Lazaridis,Aloisi,Grella,Popovic, Foxe,Moore, Chiperfield, Kalac,Skoko and Schwarzer

Brazil: Adriano,Ronaldo,Robihno,Baptista,R. Carlos, Dida, Kaká, Emerson,Gilberto, Julio Cesár,Lucio,Edmilson,Denilson,Cafú,Zé Roberto and Ronaldinho

Cameroon:Eto'o,Djemba-Djemba,Kameni, Kome,Womé, Song, Saidiou, Lauren,Geremi, Job,Luaren,Olembré,Tchato,Saleymanou, Webo,Atouba and Angbwa

Czech Republic: Cech, Rosicky, Jun, Baros, Koller, Heinz, Kinsky, Smicer, Jankulowski, Galásek, Nedved, Pobrosky,Lokvenc, Plasil and Ujfalusi

Denmark: Sorensen,Christiansen,Madsen,Helveg,Gravensen,Tomasson, Kroldrup, N. Jensen,D. Jensen, C. Jensen, Jorgensen, Rommedahl, Poulsen, Peréz and Laursen

England: A. Cole, Beckham, Robinson, Owen, Hargreaves, Wright-Phillips, Gerrard, Defoe, Lampard, Ferdinand, Terry, Campbell, Rooney, J. Cole, James and Peter Crouch


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France: Barthez, Mákeléle, Henry, Trezeguet, Coupet, Pires, Malouda, Viera, Cisse, Pedretti, Thuram, Gallas, Rothen, Wiltord, Giuly y "Harry Potter" Zidane

Germany: Kahn, Huth, Kuranyi, Podolski, Lehmann, Schneider, Ballack, Frings, Friedich, Borowski, Klose, Lahm, Mertesacker, Hinkel, Scweinsteiger and Owomoyela

Grecce: Katsouranis, Goumas, Zagorakis, Sietaridis, Lakis, Karagounis, Charisteas, Basinas, Vyrzas, Chalkias, Tsiartas, Dellas, Kapsis, Giannakoupolus, Kyrgiakos and Nikopolidis

Italy: Buffon,Del Piero, Camoranesi, Pelizzoli, Luca Toni, Gilardino, Gatusso, Bonera, Zambrotta, Pirlo, Panucci, Cannavaro, Cassano, Totti, Corradi and Vieri

México: Sánchez, Blanco, Bravo, Arellano, Rodríguez, Osorno, Torrado, Salcido, García, Borgetti, Pardo, Pérez, Bautista, Márquez, Zihna and "Kikin" Fonseca

Nigeria: Martins, Okocha, Udeze, Babayaro, Kanu, Yobo, Yakubu, Ejide, Makinwa, Enakarhire,Obodo, Utaka,Enyeama, Odemwingie, Ekwueme and Aghahowa

Portugal: Ricardo, Quim, C. Ronaldo, Figo, Carvalho,Deco,Costihna,Andrade, Simao, Ferreira, Pauleta, Postiga,Maniche, Nuno Valente, Nuno Gomes ans Petit


Youth Team

Ireland Rep.: Given, Duff, Roy Keane, Finnan, O'Shea, Robbie Keane, Doherty, Kilbane, Carr, Harte, Cunningham, Reid,O'Brian, Morrinson, Holland and Kenny

Scotland: Thompsom, Ferguson, Fletcher, Dailly, Weir, Marshall, Beattie, Maloney, McFadden,L. Miller, K. Miller, Quashie, Riordan, Gordon,McNamara and Pressley

South Korea: Cha Do-Ri, Lee Young- Pyo, Park Ji-Sung,Seol Ki-Hyeon,Park Chu-Young, Song Chong-Gug, Lee Dong-Gook,Kim Dong-Jin,Ahn Jung-Hwan,Cho Jae-Jin, Kim Young-G,Lee Eul-Yong,Kim Nam-II, Yoo Sang-Chul and Lee Woon-Jae

Spain: Torres, Vicente, Raúl, Reyes,Salgado, Puyol, Casillas, Reina, Xavi, Morientes,Del Horno, Garcia, Helguera, Joaquín, Ramos and Alonso

Sweden: Kallstrom, Ljungberg, Larsson, Ibrahimovich, Hedman,Wilhemsson, Isaksson,Mellberg,Jonson,Nilsson,Allback,Lucic,Linderoth,Svensson,Ostlund and Edman

USA: Donovan, Beasley, Hedjuk, Adu, Mcbride, Mastroeni, Johnson,Reyna, Bocanegra, Convey,Onyewu,Keller,Howard, Armas,Lewis and Mathis


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Kits and players apparel look great, great job by EA big ... if only EA Sports would do the same with FIFA games :kader: ... anyway I cant wait to get the game for PS2 :rockman: