FIFA Street 2005 Official Thread


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I just got FIFA2005, and in the 'extras' there's a preview movie for FIFA Street and it says COMING SOON!!

The preview said "" but the website doesn't work though :(

anyone else heard of this? when is the release date? i can't wait for this game
yes, there have been rumors for a while about FIFA street. I thought I might even heard about it in a video, but i can't remember too well.


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this is a really ridiculous way of selling more crap.... its like Nba street


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yup fifa street would be great, it'll be like those street games we usedto play on my dead street.


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well, i took my digital camera and recorded the video of the trailer from my tv. the quality sucks, but at least you guys will know that I'm not lying or anything. granted I don't forget, I'll post the video tomorrow..


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Yeah, i think that Fifa street will be owesome!!! But i hope they wont put some stupid stuff like retarted Urban clothes etc.
I hope it would be fast, and have a true feel of futbol:rockman:


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in the trailer, Ronaldinho is wearing a yellow sleevless shirt that looks like a practice shirt..

my guess is that we will have the option of using either normal football kits or regular clothes..


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I like the idea.

This would be awsome to own and play it with freinds, drink a few beers, say some jokes and play FIFA street.

I really hope they do something similar to that old Nike commerical in 2002, the CAGE. 2v2 game...... that would be sweet but i'd prolly buy it.

I got NBA street and it was good but i hated NFL street.


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Will the game be made by ea big or the same team that produce fifa? Cause the rest of the game in the -street series är made by ea big and they kick ass!