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FIFA World Cup 2006 ASI Loader is an extension to FIFA World Cup 2006 which gives an ability to load/attach custom plugins (files with .asi extension) to the game process.

FIFA World Cup 2006 Asset Loader is an .asi plugin which gives an ability to load assets (.o models, .fsh textures, etc.) from data/assets folder (instead of zdataX.big files).
Just put files you want to add/replace, into data/assets folder.
Available features:

Read the wiki page about Asset Loader.

FIFA World Cup 2006 Custom Text Loader is an .asi plugin which gives an ability to load text from .tr files. More information about .tr files here: link
FIFAWC06 1247.png

FIFA World Cup 2006 Screen Resolution plugin adds more resolution options to the game.
FIFAWC06 1236.jpg FIFAWC06 1238.jpg

Requires FIFA World Cup 2006 version 1.0 (executable size 4'591'616 bytes).

Installation: unzip content to the game folder.

Download in attachment.


  • FIFA WC 2006 ASI Loader + Basic Plugins.zip
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