FIFA World Cup 2006 Official Multimedia Thread


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RobbieD_PL said:
Can a mod make this thread a sticky, plz? :jap: :)

Or maybe a WC sub forum in the FIFA 06 one? :chew:

on second thoughts nah, best make it a sticky ;)


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Have you guys noticed BALL PHYSICS?

They are completely messed up...

On Brazil vs. Croatia, Adriano shoots from the left side of the box, almost to the goal line and the ball has unbelieavable speed...

that's totally bogus...

C'mon Danny Isaac, how many years have you heard people complain about Ball physics on games YOU produce?



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Looks okay gameplay wise - it could still be a lot better. The commentary is pretty bad though. It just doesn't flow.

But why is confetti falling in every cut scene? :|


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The 4 Vidoes now @

The 4 Videos are now available in 3 formats [streaming & d/lable], Quicktime, WMV & mp4, (evidently for iPod :fool: ).
However, it's wise to note that they are of lesser quality than the original releases, so if u've d/l'ed them already for Quicktime, don't bother here. If you want them for WMV or mp4, please be's guest!


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