FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch


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hi. i was playing normally until yesterday, with absolutely no issue, but after the latest update of the origin software, the patch just stopped to work. i run all steps correctly but the game starts with the messi screen and default fifa menus. the 207 teams are all there, but without kits or logos. if i start a game in any of the new stadiums, the stadium graphics don't load: the players and balls do appear floating in a black nothingness.

i'm using finale 1.0. i tried a full fifa reinstall, reinstalled the patch several times, running and not running the regenerator. nothing has fixed the issue. what should i try now?


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sorry for the English, but you can not create a tournament with all nations divided in various groups and then delete some and go to the next round and so on? as it starts with 16 groups of 13 nations each and qualify 10, then the next round 16 groups of 10 teams each one until you get to 8 groups with 4 nations each to start the World Cup, you can? I'm not good with the database for this I ask you who created this magnificent patch for fifa


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Sorry to bump this thread since the last reply was almost 3 years ago but I installed this patch again on my FIFA 14 due to the World Cup fever and EA being silent about this year's game/DLC but unfortunately I can't download the July 2nd updates (mainly to fix the 23-player bug of ENG, KOR and NGA) because they are not available anymore :(

Can anyone upload them again please?

Once again, I'm really sorry to bump this thread but replying here was my last choice as I don't find the updates anywhere...
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Thank you for this amazing patch, I've been playing it for the past few weeks. :) There's only one problem I have with this patch: for some reason most teams/matches don't show flags during the game. The flags are all there in the sceneassets flag folder but they don't show up in the game. Esüpecially during qualification. I'm suspecting that this could be a lua problem but apparently nobody else has had this problem with this patch?? Help please?

p.s.: The patch can still be downloaded here:
(mediafire link)


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Advancement Table Update - World Cup Qualifying - NEW 7/2
This updated advancement table switches the Concacaf vs OFC playoff winner into group A and Conmebol vs AFC playoff winner into group D.

To install paste the file into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 14\Game\fiWCdata\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data\_styles\Road To World Cup folder and overwrite the current advancement table.

Does someone still have the updated advancement table? On zippyshare the file is expired. :(
Or in another way: What line in advancement.txt needs changed to have the correct WC group placements for those teams?

Also: What line needs changed in order to have the OFC winner play off against the CONMEBOL 5th intead of the 4th CONCACAF? I would like to switch these play offs around. AFC vs OFC would also be kind of cool....
Does this pertain to a different file than advancement.txt? I tried 'settings.txt' and 'compobj.txt' but I don't think I am finding the correct line(s)....I tried some changes but that only made the game crash. Thanks for any help!

As for the flag issue, I was able to fix that by changing the country (ID) to 'Germany' for all the national teams in Creation Manager. :)