FIFA09 don't work with Windows 7

King Cobra

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I got a Windows 7 computer recently and found that FIFA 09 don't work with Windows 7. Everything is screwed up. The players have long hands that reaches the ground and when I try to launch the FIFAmania addon, I get a lot of error messages and still the long hands and Frankenstein looking moves from the players. Horrible! I've tried with Windows XP compability but still the same result.

What can I do? :-(

Is there a way to make FIFA 09 work on Windows 7? Some patch or something?

If I have to buy a newer game, which one is to reccommend? I'm looking for a game with a reliable editor and with lots of national teams (I don't care that much for the leagues, I only play one or two of them occasionally). Is there some good World Cup patch for any of the games newer than FIFA 09?

King Cobra

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This is how it looks:

Note that the players move like Frankenstein's monster too.

Is there nothing to do about this? No patch, no fix or anything? I miss this game and the WC patch I've installed.

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in the game...try tweaking the detail level and messing around with resolution

on your around with your screen resolution and frame rate

run experiments to see which group of settings works best