[FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread


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vegasos;3267009 said:
If you have your old fifa 12 with your updates and you want to keep it
1-take a copy of data folder from this dir FIFA 12\Game
2- reinstall your new version and replace your old data copy
3- use DBM12_Beta_1 to open fifa_ng_db-meta from this dir FIFA 12\Game\data\db
4- edit eny Data like player skills and save
5- intall CM12 and it will work delete Squads 20120704151712%Squads 1 from save fills
It still doesn't work. But I have 1 question, I extract my FIFA12.rar but in Game folder, don't have db files, I don't know why :(. But I think I will retire, I can't fix this problem :(


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use DBM12_Beta_1 to extract your db
I have this problem in fifa11 I lost all my update and start again and I take a copy of data folder from this dir FIFA 12\Game to avoid this problem again
I meke registry key when I setup new win no need to reinstall fifa agin make the last steps


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Very pity to hear that ;( But that's once again a lesson why it has little sense to delay the release of the faces - when you release you won't loose them anymore. And take into a habit to make BACKUPS - that's a real safe way.