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FIFA16 rosters in FIFA Manager Project


Club Supporter
I present you my little experiment - it's FIFA16 rosters in FIFA Manager!
First of all, I'd like to ask to not to take it very critically. In current stage it's still an experiment and I'm not talking about global patch yet.

So, the idea is very simple: we get FIFA16 database and translate it into FM format.
No need for a long time to understand that this translation has many issues and maybe even disadvantages.

We all know FIFA (in comparing to FM or better say, FM patches) has very low-detailed leagues system. For example, there's only 2 divisions in Germany, same for Italy, Spain and France. The only one exception is England where 4 leagues are presented. Some stronge leagues are not even presented, for example, Ukrainian and Brazilian leagues. So when porting FIFA db to FM, we know some leagues won't be filled.

The second issue is about player data information. There's no accumulated information about player performances, i.e. when converting FIFA db, we know player's history will be empty.

On other side of this conversion, we have fully playable database with ~30 leagues and ~20000 players. We have all players' stats and attributes. appearance, contracts, loans information, national teams, directly from FIFA.

Some screens here:

More images here:
FIFAM FIFA database (21.09.15) - Album on Imgur

Some additional information:
*Since I don't want to include any third-party modifications, I have decided to solve the problem with player age/contract length by decreasing most of all dates by 3 years. I know it's very dirty, but let's say, it works.
* Player rating formulas are different in FM and FIFA. so the way how FM calculates it was edited. This means, not only player stats but also overall rating will be the same as in FIFA (there's just round-up incorrection).
* Player talent calculation is based on FIFA's player potential and overall ratings from old FIFA series games.
* Minifaces are also available, thanks to futhead and their archive.
* I also thought about converting FIFA kits to FM, but texture mapping is very different there, so it's kinda impossible to do this with good quality.
* The converter in its current stage is already very flexible and it can work with EA's weekly updates. So let's say, if there will be a winter rosters update for FIFA, it will take just few minutes to update it with FM database.

So guys, what to do you think about all this thing?
Do you think this experiment has a future?
I'll be glad to see your opinion and suggestions,
Thanks for reading.