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@Fidel Gameplay there is a bug in FAES AGPE 5.2 camera dynamic and broadcast, sometimes it happens that the ball goes off the screen and you can't see the action for a few seconds...

it happens with long free kicks, long throw-ins...

any suggestion?

thanks if you want to answer

if there is someone who has any solution, please


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I have a question about FIFA 19 Agpe, and youth players promoted and their attributes to be more specific. A good young player comes form academy with overall let's say 55-60. His potential shown in youth team was 85-94. Will his attributes grow up like in default career mode to get that 90 overall or the patch will limit it in its own way? How should I treat YP after promoting him to regular team?


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How to open a database in Creation Master CM 16 RE FIFA 19 DB so that I can edit like on the screenshots on page 33 of the topic? When I try to open "Open - Select All button", the database does not open to me, but I choose rather good files. Could anyone here or priv explain me? I would love to have fun editing the FIFA 19 database (new teams, tournaments). I open everything as an administrator. Greetings. - bugs in Polish in the screen with Creation Master