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How to open a database in Creation Master CM 16 RE FIFA 19 DB so that I can edit like on the screenshots on page 33 of the topic? http://www.soccergaming.com/index.p...sive-worldwide-mods-by-doctor.6466058/page-33 When I try to open "Open - Select All button", the database does not open to me, but I choose rather good files. Could anyone here or priv explain me? I would love to have fun editing the FIFA 19 database (new teams, tournaments). I open everything as an administrator. Greetings.
https://imgur.com/a/R6woGAw - bugs in Polish in the screen with Creation Master


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There seems to be something wrong with how this tool read or how DB master formats the header of loc/eng file.
Get clean loc eng file. Tool opens fine. Now open that db in DB master , do nothing, just save the file. Try to open with this tool CM16_FIFA19DB_0.0.3 and all you get is "Data at root level is invalid. Line 1 position 1
Anyone knows how to deal with that? Hex edit header or something?

P.S checked with hex and files seems to be identical.. wtf, why CM16_FIFA19DB_0.0.3 refuses to load db just resaved with db master?

--EDIT dayum! Its not the file it self.. its location of the file..
I put both fifa_ng_db and eng_us in same folder assuming no problems...
That was a mistake..
moving eng_us to other folder.. now it loads without issues...
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Hi Master.
Can you help me decrypt the initfs of FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 for PS4 version, their initfs are encrypted and HxD opens with garbled code!


  • initfs_Gen4b PS4 FIFA 18.zip
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  • initfs_Gen4b PS4 FIFA 19.zip
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