FIFA23 NACP1.3 211NT


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FIFA23 RTWC 211 NTs mod updated in the same link with updated squads file

Version 2.1 - Changelog

- New faces added - Federico Dimarco, Julian Alvarez, Bryan Ruiz, Tomas Vaclik, Adam Hlozek, Łukasz Skorupski, Przemysław Frankowski, Karol Świderski, Jakub Kaminski
- Added Vietnam NT players minifaces with updated squad

Changelog updated in the original post


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Hi again, I gotta say that this mod looks fantastic but I'm just wondering, how can the Brazilian team become available in the kickoff mode in addition to RTWC tournament?


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FIFA23 DLC NACP 211NT RTWC mod by dapple

Credits: MUGU, paul2008me123, NBSP, Alimps

Mod content

1: Add 176 national teams, plus official 35, including all 211 FIFA member countries, no replacement, no deletion of any official teams and official leagues, cups

2: World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, AFC Champions League (all in local men's cup)

The road to the World Cup for 128 national teams is built according to the real competition system of each continent

Asia: Top 40, Top 12, Asian play-offs, 4.5 seats

Europe: 55 teams with 13 seats in the real European qualifiers

South America: 10 teams with 4.5 seats in the real South American qualifiers

North America: 8 teams with 3.5 seats in the third round of the North American qualifiers

Africa: 10 teams with 5 seats in the third round of the real African qualifiers

Oceania: 4 teams in real Oceania qualifying second, 0.5 seats in the third round

Intercontinental play-off

Qatar guaranteed entry to World Cup Group A

European Cup 24 teams 6 groups

Asian Cup 24 teams 6 groups

Africa Cup of Nations 24 teams 6 groups

Copa America 10 teams 2 groups

Copa America Gold Cup 16 teams 4 groups

2: Added the team's real team logo, kits, flag. Road to the World Cup billboards, armbands automatically switch with the stage of the game, separate billboards and armbands for the Asian, European, and South American qualifiers, real billboards for intercontinental competitions, armbands, graphics, Serie A real change

3:From the qualifiers to the main stage of the World Cup, it will automatically change to the official World Cup DLC interface

4: Stadium orientation, the World Cup Road main match time is exactly the same as the official one, the main match stadium points to multiple stadiums in the game, the final is the Lusail Stadium, which is consistent with the official DLC, and other intercontinental cups have stadium orientation

5:Asian Cup, European Cup, Copa America, African Cup, AFC Champions League Real Trophies

6: Only support for eng loc

7: Career mode is not supported,FIFA23 NAC Career mode mod is coming

8: Each continents RTWC,2023 Road to Asian Cup,2024 Road to European Cup,I plan to update

9: Diamond crest option plan

Installation method
1:FMM1.1.3 load mod,apply,then launch FIFA23
2:My squads must be loaded every time before starting a new tournament mode
3:There is nothing wrong with the mod, please use it in the correct way

FMM1.1.3 URL

1203 update
1:support update5
2:unlock Brazil team
3:add Qatar World Cup(real groups)for tourment
4:The latest squads must be used

download link

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you guys could divide the national teams into subcategories, for example, in the nacional teams section, you put the south america teams in one section, european teams in other, like in the english leagues for example, where you can select if you want to play with a pl, championship, L1 or L2 team


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Is there any addon/mod that adds such scoreboards so that they can also be club logos?


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i have this error i dont know if i put correct on fifa manager mod


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it works with EA APP and Origin, But origin will be stopping soon but download the EA APP its the same thing everything on Origins Will be going to EA APP i think origins will be shutting down
yes but for mea on EA APP dont work i try every version , maybe i try to switch offline mode on EA APP


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Is there any way for me to fix the name of Paraguay's national team on my own? It is listed as VFL Wolfsburg... :(