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which scoreboard I do first

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can you help about scoreboard & pop-up in fifa14?
i mean which overlays numbers for every leagues scoreboards
example: i want edit scoreboards serie a italy, which overlays_xxx.big i need to edit?

Mr. Pirlo23

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Why is this error in the scoreboard and names of the players? the letters are outside the box. Any solution?


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Mr. Pirlo23

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[QUOTE = "FifaMan017 *, publicación: 6596976, miembro: 217328"] Problema de fuente [/ QUOTE]

Do you have the link of the original sources to solve?
From which folder can I extract in the HBZ patch?


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hello to all the guys, the problem is this, and why do these scoreboards appear not only for Seria A, but also for other leagues, I started a Swedish league match and there is a Seria A scoreboard, can I somehow make these scoreboards stand only for my league?

Mr. Pirlo23

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Can someone pass the files? They are the presentation of each league before starting to play a game.
I only need those presentation files:

Ligue 1
Serie A
Premier League
La Liga


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Font problem
hi fifaman, i show your offset
i want ask about overlay x002 of scoreboard
for both team color in red circle, do you know which offsets?


and did you know extra times color and position offsets? my extra times pop up dissapear in game, idk what i do

3f60- extra time color
3f60- extra time + texture
3f60 - extra time position
13C0-lengh between team colours

i try to edit extra times following your offsets, it's look like different/wrong offsets
i edit La Liga 2020 Scoreboards


Get well soon, brother.

If I remember correctly it was you who fixed the morrored logo bug in WC2018 scoreboard?

If you have some free time, maybe you could please fix it up in a couple more places?

1. The score digits are aligned off center:

2. The injury info panel seems to be missing

3. The substitutions panel seems to get messud up when there are many subs going on at the same time:
Do you still have this , can you please share them ?