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In this website I'm just collecting kits and when I don't find some of them I create them. If you're a kit maker I'll be glad if you send me to post your kits on my website and If I forgot about mentioning your name, please leave a comment or send me a message. At the end of the day we all are helping each other to play this game, and make it alive because for many fans of EA this version is the most modified one, so it's the best one. was a dream for me when I was a kid. Here you'll find; Logos, Adboards, Kit Numbers, Fonts, Flags, Tools, Stadiums, Armbands, Gloves, Trophies, Minikits, Minifaces, Banners, Pitch Graphics and Obviously the Kits.



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Please FifaMoro! This kitnumbers Flamengo is possible? thanks


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