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Firebird 2021/2022

Five (5) full official Leagues (English/Spanish/Italian/French/German) are included.
Also, 4 Primeira Liga and 4 Eredevisie Clubs, 12 Second Division clubs (for a better Master League challenge) and many other UEFA Clubs, as always, to enjoy playing on UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League!

  • Option File is 100% updated.
  • All Clubs updated with their Kits, their Special Tactics, Formations and Starting Line-ups.
  • All players updated. New Faces/Hair/Tattoos/Skins/Boots/Gloves, in HD quality.
  • Many young players added and lots of other players from all over the world are included as "free agents" with updated faces and stats.
  • All players have realistic stats/prices/salaries and special abilities (stars). Firebird Patch is the only patch in the world that has such a detailed salary map for all players, so everyone can enjoy the best 'Master League' experience in PES 6.
  • New Stadium pack is available. New Balls pack, as well.
  • All Graphics are updated, new Scoreboards, Menu, special effects for many Leagues and Cups, new Radar and new icons.
  • UEFA Champions League and Europa League are available on Cup Mode. UEFA Conference League is available on League Mode.
  • Full Online Mode is also ready and available for everyone.
  • More info here

Download links come as Mini-Packs for each League, in order to make downloading faster and easier:

Premier League and Championship

La Liga and La Liga 2

Serie A and Serie B

Ligue 1


Other European Countries

National Teams

Map file (necessary for all users)

Download the pack(s) you desire, unzip them and add them inside the 'stadiums' folder of the GDB folder, of the Kitserver.
Do not forget to also include the map.txt file inside the 'stadiums' folder.

(Make sure to check the 'DOWNLOAD' section before reading this installation guide)

Install a clean version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 in English.

Download and unzip/extract all files from our download links.

First, put the kitserver folder and the EXE file in the main installation folder:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6"

After this, put these folders inside the GDB:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\GDB"

- balls
- boots
- gloves
- faces
- hair
- skins
- stadiums
- uni

And then, put these files (delete the original ones and copy/paste the new ones) on your 'dat' folder:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat"


The Option File should be put in this folder:

"Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1"

And you are done! The patch is ready. Enjoy the game!

Option File Editing - Apostolos & BlackMaster

Faces / Hair - All active face makers, especially BRAY 69 & Fac/AC

Kits - All active kitmakers, especially Berk Akgun & Castolo

Boots / Gloves - Josip Egri & Kamil Klawikowski

Graphics (Menu/Scoreboards/Mods) - Benicio, BlackMaster & Eltimate

Adboards - Alex Jovis

Kitserver Development - Juce

Special thanks to all Stadium makers of the PES 6 Editing scene.
Thanks for the stats converter.
Finally, a big thank you to the Evo-Web community.

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The best patch for the best game of PES series - Pro Evolution Soccer 6 thanks guys, you are masters!