Free Agents in the prem! Squad File!


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From this day on I'll try to post a squad file/mod everyday!

Do you want free agents to be a team in the prem? Just download this squad file! {PC Only}

Hey guys! It's Lewis/FIFER here! I'm here to show you guys a quick squad file I made, which makes Free Agents an actual team. **Note: This will only apply to NEW careers, and only ones you want.** This will crash a lot. If you choose a team from the prem it won't work.

Here is how you do it.

  1. Download the squad file here
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\FIFA 19\settingsor just go to your Documents folder, then go to "FIFA 19", and then "Settings". This is where all your career/squad/journey/settings/etc files are stored.

  3. Copy and paste/drag and drop the file you downloaded into that folder.

  4. In FIFA (you don't have to restart), get onto the Main Menu, go to "Customize", then click on "Profile", the load squads.

  5. Select the squad file called "Empty Save Slot Jan 24"
Boom! When using this squad file and creating a new career, Free Agents will be a real team!.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When making a new career, make sure to choose "Current Squads", and if it says "Downloading Latest Updates", click cancel.

ANOTHER NOTE: I'll be updating the squad file with all the new players/rating changes/transfers every month or so.



Anyways, hope this helps someone out! Thanks!

If you want this updated, just PM me or comment!

If you would like this mod for a different FIFA, let me know!
If you want me to change something about this mod, let me know!

If you have a request, comment down below!

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Hi FIFER, you know how to create icons and equipment from 0? I want to create the icons with the new squads