Frenkie NEW turf technology


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Highbury Update

Update Fine Day and Fine Night Another Alpha

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Ajax Stadium Update

Allianz Stadium

Stade Gerland (just 6 bin needed another files in original)

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Stadio Olimpico Update

Olimpico Fine Day

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Youth Team
Just tested it, m8.

It looks really great, but also, imho, too dark. Any chance u can make it a bit less dark? :)

But in regard to the new 'technology': it's great! :D

edit: screenie of the dark turf.



Youth Team
Originally posted by frenkie
Of Course it's already simple thing

But the "nograiny" OK?
Just played again, m8. Hmm, although I love this new turf, it could perhaps be a bit less grainy indeed. This is a great improvement, but if you look closely, you can still get the 'grainy'-feel a bit. :)


Starting XI
I can't see differences bwtween old and new "no grainy" version :confused:
if you'll switch to Low detail all your old pitches are also "no grainy" :D

despite sh!tty jpg conversion (original png was about 1 Mb), top picture shows Low details and bottom shows High at the same stadium:



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old version: to reduce contrast if you want little grainy

new version: to permit of contrast expansion and grainy to stay correct


Starting XI
This is old version

I Use Another version and not just edited original textures

Use Own textures And I EDited Alpha too

and use new Graphic Studio, ACDSEee 7.0 Adobe etc.