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Gamepad Configuration Tutorial


Club Supporter
Perfect job

Thank you very much. I finally managed to use my ps2 gamepad at the computer. Keep up the good work.


Club Supporter
wodahS said:
Thank you very much. I finally managed to use my ps2 gamepad at the computer. Keep up the good work.

What is teh code to input in the notepad file for your PS2 controller with a USB adapter ? I have tried everthing and i'm doing it wrong everytime. I really would like to use first touch on right analog thank you for anyone willing to give me the code and plea let me know on which line to place it. :)


Senior Squad
Cayenn3;2407410 said:
So what would you people suggest?
I liked the TM Dual Power controller that I used to use, but wasn't able to find a new one to replace it when it died. In the meantime I'd tried the TM Firestorm Wireless and I'd suggest staying away from those. Finally I settled on the Logitech Rumblepad 2 (wired) and I've had no trouble with it. Built in support from FIFA 06 and FIFA 07 was a lot better than for the Thrustmasters, but from a comfort and usability point of view I'd mark them about equal.


Club Supporter
Rinaldo;1908680 said:
I have seen so many problems with gamepad configuration and I have decided to write a short tutorial for helping to solve them.

Buddy i'm Unable to see this attachment...
Kindly post again or just mail me plzzz..

Mail to: [email protected]

Thx a ton in Advance..


Club Supporter
Guys well i tried all this but didnt work for me in d beginning,
may be i was wrong but then coz of editing devdata.dat Fifa07 Crashed..!!

it always failed to open and so i tried for replacing the file from my back up which still didnt work and so from somewhere i found this devdata.dat by google'ing and Voila it finally worked for me and i was amazed seeing even i can do Tricks now using Right Analog...!! :D

so guys try this at ur own risk..
Just backup ur devdata file and replace the original file with the one i have attached and try who knows it may work...
Y dont u buddies just give a try...If it doesnt work replace the file u had backed up...

Link for devdata.dat...
----> http://www.geocities.com/smuthukumar88/devdata.txt

--->Right click and select "save target as" then change the file name to devdata.dat (!--or change filename extension to .dat from .txt while saving itself--) and copy this file to the data/input folder...
---> Just attaching this thinking this may also work for u..But i'm not sure of it..but worked for me well..


Club Supporter
unable to download attachemet, can u repost please ? or can u use rapidshare and post the link here ? Thanks in advance


Club Supporter
Fifa 10 still has the same problem. I can't believe it. Every year when I installed fifa, i should edit devdata.dat to make my gamepad work.
Btw I can't agree with the data structure. I don't know, may be it was on fifa06, I played it by keyboard instead, but on fifa 08,09 and 10 I noticed different data structure. x|y|z, I think x and z define the buttons or the axes and y defines their assignment. I found it from http://www.fifa-island.com/printpost.php?postid=809812. Try it, it works for me..