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Goalkeeper Gloves Collection & Identification


Starting XI
Hi guys!
As some of you may know, I've recently got into goalkeeper gloves in an attempt to collect all gloves ever made for FIFA16/14 format into one single library/encyclopedia that would also work automatically with each respective season/tournament in Classic Patch 16/14, just like I have beed doing it with boots (Sputnik Bootpack).

Only trouble is, while I know a thing or two about boots, my knowledge regarding gloves is very limited, so I'm learning as I go.

In this thread I'll post textures of various gloves I've found and I'd appreciate it if you could quote the image and tell me who and when wore it if you recognize the model. I didn't make any of them, full credits to the authors.

I'll tag here some people who definitely have more gloves knowledge than me @mh25 @Dnepr @gogo23 @elnino13 @pao4ever , please tag someone else if you think they can help.



Starting XI
One thing is identifying the gloves:
Casillas, circa 2010
Victor Baia | It's My Life

Akinfeev, circa 2008
34 момента карьеры Акинфеева | RBWorld.org

Another issue is knowing which goalkeeper uses which brand.
For boots we have footballbootsdb.com where we can filter by brand and see who wears adidas - does anyone know anything similar for gloves?

So far I've found this list from 2011:
Again, excelent work.
If only someone will help us with a list of players wearing them...
Like my work below:
1179 Buffon
2651 Given
16261 Reis
17846 Thorton
50530 Keller
105846 Boruc
111661 Kameni
115533 Benaglio
138292 Onstad
153292 Hesmer
162997 Hilario
166409 Burpo
166764 Carson
167666 Carrizo
172203 Folser
179934 Hall
181001 Knighton
184084 Dreyer
186153 Szczesny
188943 Trapp Kevin
192397 Barbosa Cabral

Foster Ben 163155
Gomes 135451
Gordon Craig 53110
Al-Habsi Ali 148684
Begovic Asmir 172723
Hennessey Wayne 170084
Ruddy John 163600
Bogdan Adam 184585
Parish Elliot 183549
Bunn Mark 162054
Green Robert 101880
Camp Lee 53736
Speroni Julian 49212
Loach Scott 167803
Gilks Matthew 11381
Muller Heinz 50920
Vermeer Kenneth 169181
Prus Mateusz 200861

Doni 134982
De Sanctis Morgan 4667

Robinson Paul 13914
Lewis Joe 156253