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Graphic NVIDIA Freestyle or Reshade mod


Here is a small mod that can improve the look of your game, without departing too much from the default game look.

It is a shader based mod that does use very little GPU and CPU resources, as it is simply based on Look up table (LUT) that I made with photoshop using many screenshots from different conditions of the game.

It comes with two versions:
- a NVIDIA freestyle (through Geforce experience).
- a reshade version.


Install process is described in the readme files.



Description of the mod design process: http://soccergaming.com/index.php?t...reestyle-or-reshade-mod.6468023/#post-6590733
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More Screenshots

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Sorry but i dont see any differentce at all :D :D :D :D :D
Come on Raven! I thought you had good eyes!

I am kidding you.

In all fairness, I was sure someone would say that. The difference I subtitle and the 1m upload limitation of this forum forced me upload screenshots that look like stamps. Itdoesn't give good justice to the mod as the difference is mainly in the details.

I will try to upload a high resolution video later.

If you have geforce installed, it is very easy to give it a try then to remove it if you don't like it.
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Now a small description of what I did to make this LUT.

I think FIFA16 colours by default are not too bad particularly at day time. They just come with a sort of greyish filter that can make the game look a bit pale. At night time the greyish filter can look even worst, which in my opinion makes night game less exciting to play than they should in the default game.

It can be tempting to add a lot of contrast and a lot of saturation/vibrancy to combat that and make the game look more colourful. In my experience, too much contrast and to much saturation tires my eyes quickly which in the end make the game literally painful to play.

So my goal here was to improve the look of the game by removing that grey filter and adding colours but not too much so that it would remain comfortable to play. Also I can't run many shaders effect on my PC because of GPU limitation. Look up table (LUT) allows storing and applying to the game a lot of colour/saturation/contrast/tone modifications through one single small file and a single shader effect, which makes it really GPU friendly to use.

What are the tuning I did in my LUT?
- 1) A slight colour modification of the shadow (darker tones) with a bit more blue and a bit less green to give them a bit cooler look. The idea was to make the stadium stands a bit darker on their upper part to give them a better night atmosphere.

- 2) A saturation/vibrancy boost using saturation and vibrancy mask to keep neutral colour (whites, greys/blacks) unaffected, to boost undersaturated colours without affecting too much already saturated colours.

- 3) A midtones contrast boost to get rid of the greyish filter and to make details to pop up a bit more, without affecting the darkest and the lightest areas.

- 4) A slight desaturation of the reds colours using a luminosity mask. The darker the red the less saturated. The reds in this game tends to be way more saturated than the others colours which can give a retinal persistence effect.

5) An change in hue of the greens slightly toward the yellows together with an increase of their saturation using a luminosity (or a saturation mask?). To try to make the grass look closer to its real look.

If you read all that and think "all that things for just a tiny difference"...