GreekSuperpatch v2.0 - Greece & Cyprus Premier divisions patch

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    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on our latest patch. One of the biggest enhancements in this version (aside from adding the Greek & Cypriot premier divisions) is a fully functioning "Be a Pro" mode. See Patch info and details for all other enhancements.

    GSP FIFA 11 v2.0: Greece Superleague and Cyprus Marfin Laiki Patch


    Patch Info:
    Patch adds the Greek Super League (GSL) and Cyprus Marfin Laiki into FIFA 11. Please note: you must have EA's v1.01 patch before you install this patch. Updated kits for Italian teams (now with correct sponsors) and offical GK kits for Spanish teams. Over 1500 free agent players added and a Fully functional Be A Pro Mode!

    Language (localization) Support:

    At them moment only English is supported.

    Patch details:
    - Be a Pro works for all newly added leagues!
    - Over 1500 Free Agent players!
    - Search by name crash has been fixed
    - Added Serie B kits and logos
    - Updated unlicenced EA kits
    - Adds the Cyprus Division 1 Marfin Laiki into the game
    - Adds the Greek Super League into the game
    - GSL now appears in Manager and tournament modes
    - Marfin Laiki in Manager and tournament modes
    - Playable Greek Cup OPAP in tournament and manager mode
    - Playable Cyprian Cup in tournament and manager mode
    - Adds all Cypriot Div 1 teams
    - Adds Cyprus National team
    - Realistic team kits for all above leagues & teams
    - Updated mini kits
    - New team flags for all Greek and Cypriot teams
    - Extra team flags (4 in total) have been added for: AEK Athens, Aris FC, Iraklis FC, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK.
    - New team fonts and numbers
    - Adds team sponsors to all teams
    - Added new realistic banners for all the above teams.
    - Adds official Greek SuperLeague Nike T90 Tracer ball
    - Optional Greek (GSL) TV scoreboard (replaces default EA scoreboard)
    - Replaced default newspaper with SportDay
    - Rosters for above teams reflect winter transfers
    - New kits for Italian league which include sponsors
    - New GK kits for Spainish league
    - Adds the following Greek referee's into GSL: Kakos, Tritsoris, Kalopoulos, Pamporidis, Konstantineas and Aretopoulos
    - Added Cypriot referee's info Marfin Laiki
    - Updated stadium names for Greece and Cyprus
    - All other team rosters have been update based on conversion from EA official one by Kaiba_MX (fifamexico) , Regularcat (fifa-infinity) and Rinlado

    Installation Instructions

    Download Link

    Note: For enhanced gameplay you may wish to install the FIFA 11 ETGD Final Enhanced for GSP FIFA 11 Patch v2.0

    Download link

    Thanks and enjoy!!!

    NOTE: Before installing the patch it would be wise to make any backups of your saved games and data 1st. You should also start with a new profile as previously saved games will NOT work (due to changes that have been done to the database). We always recommend a clean install to avoid any conflicts with other patches that may have been previously installed ;)
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    Beyond words! thanks to all the people at GSP, you are genius!
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    Amazing work!! the best and the first patch that adds new Leagues with all FIFA 11 game modes working flawlessly!

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