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Guidelines for this Forum (Last updated June 12, 2009)

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Welcome to the Soccer Gaming Prediction And Fantasy Leagues Forum. Below are some basic guidelines for this forum:

To the Owners of a Prediction League
  • Please don’t have too many prediction leagues. We would prefer that you only run one, but two are okay as well, although not more than two, so that everyone who wants to run a prediction league can run one.
  • When you start a prediction league, please be sure that you will finish it and don’t disappear midway through. If you however can’t finish it, please ask someone else to take over so we can finish the prediction league.
  • Try to post the standings as fast as possible.
  • Try to keep your threads’ names the same for each matchday. For example, if you called your league on matchday 1 the following: “Italian Serie A PL – Day 1,” then call it the following for day 2: “Italian Serie A PL – Day 2.” Don’t change it to something like this: “Italian League Predictions – Week 2.” Keep it the same, except change the number.
  • If there is a midweek round please write this in the thread title. I.e. Spanish La Liga - Week 14 (Midweek). This is not necesarry in competitions that usually plays on midweek days.
  • Have a wise points scoring system. We don’t care if it’s simple, as long as it isn’t stupid. Think about it twice before you enter your points system into a league. It is up to the mods to decide if the points system makes sense or is just plain crap. Don’t start a prediction league without a points system.

Other Notifications:
  • Threads will be stuck and unstuck all the time. Only threads that have been stuck are active, so please don’t predict in unstuck threads (unless the matchday has not been played).
  • When you post a thread about a fantasy league remember to post the link to the league, the name of the league and the code to join.
  • If you want to compete in a prediction league, all you have to do you is to start predicting. You may join at any time (unless something else is stated in the rules of the prediction league).

Don’t like some of the rules? Should anything be added? Then send me a PM and I’ll look into it.

And finally, good luck predicting!


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Here are the prediction and fantasy leagues that are active at the moment. By clicking a link you will see an explanation on how the specified prediction/fantasy league works:

Fantasy Leagues:

The list will be updated continuously.
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