HELP:Converting stadiums FIFA 10 - 07?


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Hola amigos!,
Alguien me puede decir como convertir un estadio fifa 10 a 07?

ya que tengo algunos de la liga de Ascenso MX y el resto del mundo.

Quisiera compartirlos*

Les agradezco la atención, saludos! :dance:

Hi Friends!

Can Somebody tell me how to convert a stadium FIFA 10 to 07 please?? :bow:

I've some to Liga Ascenso MX (mex) & rest of world.

I want to share it

Thanks for your atention, :dance: (sorry for my english ) :Carlos*o:


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In this website find the way to convert it, followed the indications but
it happen the same, the stadium not working.

Why do you think happens?

Thanks for your answer and sorry for my english