Help Fifa 14 with windows 10! - SOLVED


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Probably difficult to help me,but I try.
I had fifa 14 working on windows 10 with my own edits. I remember I've changed aspect ratio in fifasetup file from 1.3333 to 1, probably I did some changes in game settings screen but I don't remeber wich exactly. Last day I reinstalled Fifa (I'm still wondering why,I'm a fool) but now im crash after EA logo sudden at start.
I've just tried a lot of things:
- update DirectX and drivers
- used different commands in prompt
- used every possible compatibility with properties
- even changed the graphic card with basic microsoft
- uninstalled both Fifa and Origin and reinstalled again
- uninstalled antivirus
- uninstalled latest windows updates

Nothing worked. I think it's probably a matter of screen resolution or compatibility or graphic drivers, of all of these. But really don't know walhat else do.
If someone could help,it would be great,if needed more informations let me know.

I got a 2 years old HP pc with Ndivia Geforce.


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After a lot of different tries without success,I remembered this morning to have done a double change the first time I've installed it on Windows 10. It was about Aspect Ratio, I setted at 1 in the fifasetup_default file in Game folder. I don't know why,but I've got an other fifasetup file, different, in Documents folder. I've set Aspect Ratio to 1 also here,and now Fifa 14 works again. I'm quite sure was the same thing I did first time. Maybe could help someone else, and is a remember fir me fir the future.