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Help increase FIFA 15 performance


Club Supporter
Hi guys, great forum. I've switched from PES this year because that game drove me wild, I actually broke a controller when I threw it across the room. :)

I play on a laptop, intel hd5000 graphics. So fifa didn't run too well until I changed a few things. My native resolution is 16:9 - 1440x900.

interesting that demo works better for me than full game. :(

what i did:

i removed crowd.

I changed resolution lower but either black bars appeared or it was still not good at 1280x720 - too choppy. I finally found 1152x768 to be good. Lowest settings, no AA, only vsync enabled but through intel not through fifasetup.

Razer Game booster actually worked! it made game more smooth.

but i would like to be still a bit better. anyone have ideas? Maybe need 3-5 more fps.

PS - also where can i download latest squads for normal fifa 15?
PPS - I see there are a few gameplay mods. What do you guys recommend for which gameplay effect?

Thank you


Youth Team
I don't have Intel card so I don't know the names of your gfx settings. But check in all settings for your graphics card and look for settings that you can change from "quality" to "performance" or similar to that.

Also check out this tool: