Help me build my PC


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Hey ho guys, wondered if i could acquire your help. I'm building another PC in about a months time and i'm still **** at picking parts, basically i have about £600 to spend on the PC, no monitor needed.

I can probably swap over my HDD as it isnt very old and it's quite big, apart from that, ill definitely need a new graphics card, new mobo and processor. One of the biggest problems i had with my current machine is that it overheats like a bitch, so frankly, i doubt i ever installed the cooling system particularly well. Any cases that come with good cooling systems built in would probably be best, since i'm clearly a retard when it comes to installing fans.

Basically, im looking for a good gaming rig, i'd like to stick to intel for the processor as i'm really not impressed with the AMD in my laptop. Probably gonna stick a copy of Windows 7 on it too, so by all means include that in the price (i'm fed up of downloading Windows, more hassle than its worth).

Anyhoo, i cant give much in return for such amazingness, other than ill agree to change your custom title to.. pretty much anything, and give you **** loads of rep. Ahh, the joys of being an admin.

Also, if possible, can you use one of these sites as, well... i know they're reputable:

Cheers dudes!


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Hi you still looking mate? I could have a lookie over the sites for you if you need.
I have personally had dealings with ALL the above companies. All very good prices and I know eBuyer, Scan and Aria have good customer service (Scan being the outright best in my personal dealings with them). Overclockers are a bit pricey but are getting better.

£600 is your budget? TO give me an idea what games do you want to play? GTA IV, COD, Crysis etc. I am also with you on CPU, I have had one AMD and it was such a bad chip that every computer I have built since then has been Intel! And its the same story with nVidia and ATI (nVidia being my preferred).

For your budget, off the top of my head your probably looking at:
Intel Quad-Core 2.0-2.5 (you can OC to about 3.2GHz with the right cooling)
nVidia 512MB DDR3 - nVidia 768MB DDR3
Decent mainboard,
Decent cooling,
4GB Branded RAM

If you either put the new stuff in your old case or skimp on a case (just get a plain one) and spend the money where it counts!

Also did you want to go for Win7 32bit or 64bit (x86 or x64)? The 64bit Win7 is totally stable and pro versions come with XP Mode which is really effective.

Let me know, more than willing to help.