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    Hidden Ragnarok Online
    Where Light battles Darkness

    HiddenRO is a private Ragnarok Online, high-rate PK (Player Killing) enabled server that has been running smoothly for over two years now, and has a friendly (and very humorous) community, as well as intensive Wars of Emperium. Our developments are up-to-date and the server rates are 900/900/1k, with an exception of card rates at 100.

    Don't know what Ragnarok Online is? It's a mmorpg founded in Korea in 2001. The game is based on Nordic mythology, with an Asian influence. Ragnarok involves traveling on multiple maps around the world "Rune Migard", choosing between several "jobs", completing many different quests, and also challenging other players to "duel".
    Some features of HiddenRO :


    Server Type: PK (Player Killing) Enabled (Except towns and low level areas)
    Exp Rate: 900
    Job Rate: 900
    Drop Rate: 1000
    Card Drop Rate: 100
    Max Base Level: 255
    Max Job Level: 130
    Max Stat: 200
    Instant Cast: 175 Dex
    WoE Times: Friday 22:00-0:00 | Sunday 13:00-15:00 | Wednesday 18:00-20:00

    Custom items and gear!
    HRO comes equipped with hundreds of different and custom headgear,wings,items, and even auras!


    War of Emperium [WoE] v.2.0


    Hidden RO introduces the new generation of WoE'ing. War of Emperium v.2.0. This version includes two new castles : Juno and Rachel. Version 2 keeps the old style of defending with much more emphasis on defending. The new system allows new defenders for the castles : Guardian Stones. Along side the standard WoE towns, War of Emperium is now much more challenging!


    If you feel like Hidden Ragnarok Online is where YOU should be, please join us!
    Downloading and Installing:

    You can find a full installer, or separate installs for Sak, Rag, and our V7 Patch at our website HERE. Or, you may visit our Network Forums or Here for full details on how to correctly install HRO, or if you run into errors, there should be an answer for every problem!

    Quick Guide:

    *Note*: It is best when installing, that you keep your RO folder in the directory : C:/Program Files/Gravity/RO , OR just your C:/ drive (The SAK, and kRO installers will do this for you automatically). Also, the pictures shown for installion say Version 6, but we are currently using version 7. It is the only download available, so there should be no problems!

    If you should run into any troubles, there is more information on our Community Forums !

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