How can I move classic players to some team?


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The ting is... i want to do exactly the opposite...

i'd like to add messi for example to the world XI team... and in the "teamplayerlinks" table, i'm not able to find the teamid 111072 whick is the world XI one... so, how to add normal players to that team? :innocent_smile_1:

For example... Piqué appears in 3 teams in the game... FCB, Spain and World XI... and if you search for the playerID 152729 in the teamplayerlinks table in DB, it only appears twice... in FCB and Spain.



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You can do that with Creation Master 12.
Search for World XI team, and in the right panel, next to the team player, you can search for Messi (by Country or by Team) and just "Call Player".

Worked for me ;)