How do i shoot and score ?!

Discussion in 'FIFA 06 Support Forum' started by Euphoria, May 23, 2006.

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    May 21, 2006
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    hi , i am a big ea sports fifa soccer game fan , i have been playing the pc platform version of the game for approximately 8 years. i haven't really had problems scoring a goal or un leashing a successfull shot in any of the fifas i played b4.
    this was when fifa 2006 turned my passion into mysery , i get furustrated , raged ... i do everything in the game i entertain and enjoy i play beautiful soccer , but when it comes to sending the ball to the back of the net , i fail .... it's either the keeper , the woodwork or the ball goes out ....

    basically , how do i shoot ? how do i shot and score ??!!!!
    i read the manual and everything but i couldn't extract further help ....!!!!

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