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how to edit the format of the leagues?


Club Supporter
i put 20 clubs in the brazilian league, but when starting the career mode only 14 appear, does anyone know how to fix this?


Club Supporter
More Informations please! What did you change? Which files did you change? It`s impossible to answer you without any Information ;)


Club Supporter
the leaugeteamlinks is very important, but I think also broadcastleauge important. And of cource it should be similar with editing of your Compdatas ;)


Club Supporter
I would like to reduce the number of teams in a league (no career, yes tournament), for example Serie A (id: 31) and play it only as a 10-team tournament. What should I change? In addition to "leaugeteamlinks" which I know how to modify but then, in the tournament, he always gives me 20 teams (the other 10 as fake). Please help me. Thanks!