I Can't Believe You Guys...


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I'm usually a PES fan, but I'm really optmistic and looking forward to check out and play both fifa street, UCL and the forthcoming (and hopefully better) FIFA 2K6.

but most of people here seems like hoping the game will be a crap! what the hell...

i believe fifastreet is gonna be a new set point for fifa series developments...cause in fifa 2005, ea allowed players to pull off fantastic movements and they're promising to improve things to UCL that me myself noticed as basic demands...but anyway, excellent sign!! two games in a month period, that will present both changes, improvements and a whole new way of looking and developing the same very damn subject...so, what's wrong? fifa has done nothing but to evolve in the last editions...not in high and tall leaps...but it is...and fifa 2005 was a huge evolution...more than it happened from PES 3 to 4.

if ea is gonna be able to deliver excellent gameplay and the fantastic moves from the teaser video...there are all the reasons of the world to believe that fifa 2006, will compete forehead to forehead with we9...they're not fool anymore, and the football application email is the proof...how PES fans would love if Konami did that!! I can garantee u...

one question, tough...is EA big straightly related with EA sports that develop fifa series?

the two of them together, working in the shelves at the same time, collecting reactions from the public (in forums like that and such) - one of them presenting so-deeply-wished improvements and the other, creating a style that we all dreamed about having in our videogames...certainly gives a quite hopeful vision about the future releases of easports football team.

I'm excited too...and I'm stick to konami...but...slowly 'unsticking'...so, why aren't u???


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ok people slow down now, the game is not even out yet so we
don't know ****. lets wait and see

gonna be the best soccer game ever made
and being the best football game ever made i don't think so, as the play 4vs4


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I didnt like either of the NFL street games, then again I hate american football. maybe fifa street will rock, then again it could be just like that crappy street soccer game from acclaim a couple of years ago


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This concept of putting streetsoccer into a game is great but it takes a lot of detail. With that I mean to state that gameplay detail has to be 10 times better than in the normal fifa game. I'm a Pes fan but I truly hope that this game will kick ass. I'm just a sucker for streetsoccer :crazyboy:


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the main problem I have with what this game looks like and the rest of the "Street" games is how they are g-thug style, what the hell is wrong with the world anymore, why is it cool to act like your from the hood, ignorance


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Doesnt look very "G-Thug" style to me, looks like they are wearing normal soccer apparel to me. Would you rather them be wearing some sort of spandex ****, or some cut off jean shorts? lol I think that they look normal. Apparently you cant see that they are not wearing there shorts baggy, for they stop above the knees, and the "G-Thug" style is anything lower especially with the showing underwear effect. I believe this style is normal and casual. anyone else agree?


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what is g-thug?

anyway, i guess they look waaaay better than that L.A. drug dealer style from Acclaim's street soccer title...man, that's ridiculous...

however, let's wait and see what editing options are gonna be available in the creation center of that game...maybe some weird things that star players wouldn't have on their bodies...ehhehehe