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I Have a Problem With Patches for FIFA10


Youth Team
i have installed patches for FIFA10 but then i uninstalled the game, and then i have reinstalled again and i get a clear FIFA10 obviously, but the problem is that once installed again the game i see that FIFA10 is not clear and these patches still are installed, i have installed a lot times the game, but the problem continue and i see these patches appear still, i hope you can help me with this problem, i would appreciate a lot your help, anyway thank you bye


Youth Team
I've never installed an .exe patch that modifies the db. It's a recipe for failure. Always install via CM10 because it maintains the integrity of the db. If you use an .exe patch, it will overwrite anything that is in place of whichever ids are installed the .exe patch. With CM10, you tell each and every patch exactly which id it is assigned to.

As for once installing .exe patches, and wanting to remove your HD of FIFA 10 related drivers and registry entries, well good luck. Could there be a program out there that does such a thing? I don't know. turn hidden files on, and search FIFA 10 on your HD and see if any folders and / or files still exist somewhere. if that doesn't work, you may want to consider reformatting your HD and then re-installing FIFA 10. you shouldn't run into problems from a fresh install if you don't install .exe patches.