I need update patches for the fifa 98 road to world cup

Discussion in 'Older FIFA Titles Forum' started by MisKitty009, May 14, 2018.

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    Hello! How are you going? I am Adriana here from Spain and I am a fanatic just like you in world and national soccer. What I want to ask is that if it is not so much trouble if I can get links from the fifa 98 to the World Cup to remember old times like when they took patches for the 2010 World Cup. I long for those patches and I ask you as moderators of the forum if you can pass me some links or links of the fifa 98 updated with classic players to be able to play. Thank you! a greeting!
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    Unfortunately I can't help you with that... I made a patch for 98 a while ago, but it's still in the 1997-98 season because I changed some leagues and the research effort for that alone was painstaking.
    Between that and fiddling about with 16, I never really had the time to update everything. ^^'
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