I'm sure i'm massively behind here but...

Yo, Tom. I’m really happy for you getting this thread and all. I’m gonna let you finish. But, kp40 had one of the greatest threads of all time! One of the greatest threads of all time!

Did that soundlike what a dickhead would write? Yup I thought so...(H).


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Does he say 'That's my take on abortion.' at the end? (Dragan's video)



oh yes (H)

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skiptomylou;2734608 said:

Hip.....Hop....Hip-iee Hip now Hip......Hopp....Hip.....Hop....Hip-iee Hip now Hip......Hopp

Every time I hear the name Kanye West, I think of Little Red Riding Hood. I don't know why.:(:(:(

EDIT: BTW, I too am massively behind here.....

EDIT 2: Apparently he apologized on his blog. If you go to his blog site now, you won't find an apology.....

It's not too often that Kanye West is speechless.....



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Tom, I know you're doing a better job of gaining weight than me and all. But if you lay one hand on Taylor, it's your ass.