Indian Football Megapatch


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Hi this is Emkay....
Im making the I-League 2009-10 for FIFA 10.
I'll post all updates here. Please do help..


I am releasing the ONGC I-League Patch for FIFA 10. Download Link is given below.

DOWNLOAD IFM v1: Release 1 SG.rar

This is like a beta version. It is a .cmp file which you can import with Creation Master 10. It is CMS Compatible.

It has got a few problems:
1. The I-League is in "Rest of the World" while playing in the Tournament Mode.
2. It appears in country India in Manager Mode. But when the match starts, the game crashes. This is the main problem I'm trying to fix.

I need help to solve fix these bugs.......
Please help....

This Patch Contains the following:
1. ONGC I-League 2009-10
2. All 14 Teams with updated rosters (I've converted the from Football Manager 2010)
3. The I-League Tournament (Presently in Rest of World when you select country)
4. I-League Adboards
5. All 14 Teams with updated kits (Home + Away + GK)
6. Indian National Team v2 (Fixed all problems in v1)

Special Thanks to FOOTBALL KERALA
Im really thankful to them for providing me with HQ pics of Indian Football.

Also to Bruno... for his FM to FIFA Converter......


The next version of this patch will contain the following things
1. Indian Stadiums
2. Faces of Indian NT Players
3. I-League Pop-Ups
4. More Indian Football Tornaments

You can contact me for any bugs, problems, questions, etc.
Contact: [email protected]

DOWNLOAD IFM v1: Release 1 SG.rar

DOWNLOAD: INDIAN NT Patch v1 old India NT v1 by EMKAY.rar



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I haven't got my copy of FIFA 10 and don't want to start modding without it.

I can help you by getting kits photos etc... and I think I already have a very updated India team .cmp file for FIFA 09 so you can add it here when I convert it for FIFA 10.

Many teams have new kits this season. I hope the kits you've already made are the update ones. Can you post a few samples here please.


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Indian Football Megapatch

:innocent_smile_1::33vff3o:Can you send me the rosters you have made for I-League in FIFA 09....
Hope you have updated it for the current season.



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I hav a tips for u regarding roster. U install Football manager 2010. there u can find all da updated roster for any indian clubs. (Y)


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I have made I-League (India) Patch for FIFA 10. I have made the tournament along with the 14 Teams. The problem is that the league appears in all 3 modes i.e. Manager, Tournament & Season mode but it crashes during the selection of the team when we begin our Career in Manager mode. Whereas ithe game doesn't crash while playing in the Tournament or Season mode....... Can some one please help......


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Horatiu;2791970 said:
How bad are you going to make their attributes? On FM they are attrocious.
I have edited the attributes of the payers & have kept them between 55 to 75....... depending upo the players.........


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nice work man..eagerly waitin 4 u to release d patch soon..wen r u plannin 2 post d a mohunbagan fan and cnt wait 2 play wid d team. (Y)


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wen will u release d I League patch...d indian team national team it workin properly?..mate plz shift ur thread to d pc editing forum as its a lil difficult finding u here :blush: