Jeet's RNA & ENB Downloads


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(1)---Here's ENBSERIES for fifa 13..
enbseries v 1.60:
enbseries v 1.63:
enbseries v1.71 :
enbseries v 1.82:
enbseries v 1.92 :
enbseries v 2.00 (ultimate edition):

(2)Screenshots (screenshot links here):
i had to upload in mediafire because my internet connection is slow.
please download & view the images if you cannot directly view it,
believe me its worth your time.

NEW cl.ini v 1.02 released:
v 0.99 !:
! cl v 0.97:
--improved crowd texture
cl v 0.96:

BONUS! NEW PITCHMOWPATTERN (chequered small) (to get maximum green on the pitch)

features of cl.ini:
-- refined slower gameplay
--best graphics
--new tessellated grass...

cl v 0.95's the link:
cl v o.93 uploaded.
here's the link:
v 0.91 released at:
v 0.88 released at:
v 0.87 released::

v 0.12 link:
v 0.07 link:

you have to copy all the files to fifa 13/game folder

comments plz!!!

features of cl.ini:
(1) proffesional [B} refined gameplay.
(2) no lags.
(3) Skip all intro menus.
(4) improved night lighting

Create the magic in your fifa today. try & see!


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Holy crap man, I think your patch just fixed my lag issue! I haven't been able to use anything except a couple of generic stadiums, too much lag otherwise. But I just played two games, one in Old Trafford and the other in Stamford Bridge, and with no lag at all. A hundred thankyous for this bro.


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xPr0metheus;3356348 said:
oh dude I have so many things installed and edited -.-
1. Download his cl file.
2. Regenerate.

You can do that 100 times in the same time it would take him to create a vid for you, lol.


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friends, ii have uploadedcl.ini v 0.87 for fifa 13.try it and please leave comments..

also i'll upload pmow 0 & pmow 1 soon .stay tuned!


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friends...i have uploaded new cl.ini v 0.99 and enbseries v 1.71. also as a bonus to get maximum green on the pitch download pitchmowpattern_0 (Chequered small).

Screenshots: :