Juventus F.C. [2014-2015]

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theo;3812391 said:

always knew we'd be back to the top. SO F*CKING DESERVED THIS after all the stuff we've been through these past 10 years.

edit: oh and the Real fans (on the stadium last night) are even worse than the team their support. stay classy. that includes the retarded ball boy.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves. You have one more step left.

Don't let this become another 2003 all over again - played as required for 120 minutes and then choked on PKs. It will all be for nothing if you relax against Barcelona. They are a soft team. You need to be physical and simple with your strategy. Just do not give Messi space. Let Neymar and Suez Canal control the midfield - both those guys are useless - one is a feather with fancy hair and the other dives and bites a lot. They both rely on Messi.

Your defense is not a concern. Just focus on shutting down that Argentine guy who can't win a World Cup. That is the key.

You have to be physical with your play. Remember, a yellow card is not a red card.





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I'm not going to make any comment on the treble and jinx you ... but congrats ;-) ...

It should feel twice as good to win a cup by paid player from Milan ;-) ...


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you won the cup after 20 years ... thats strange for a team that won the league 10 times in a same period ...


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Arnau;3814586 said:
Never understood why you all dislike Allegri, he did a great job at Milan.

I agree with this. They even sold the entire team out from under him in order to sabotage him and he still continued to make the CL every year.


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ShiftyPowers;3708026 said:
You can win the Serie A on a budget, but you can't beat Bayern and Real.

You supported Allegri too, but this was funny (H)

Not pointing any fingers thougg I definitely made some bad calls.


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"Barça before Messi" as Barça before Messi got into the first team. In 2006 he was in the first team and he probably would have played instead of Giuly if he hadn't been injured.


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But do they really need Khedira? Their midfield is packed already... Unless Pogba is leaving. I'd love to see Juve dominating the European class behind Utd next season, and them winning the CL! :P :P :P
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