Juventus F.C. [2016-2017]


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Xaviesta;3990247 said:

This is a must read. The reason why Dani is a winner.

I like that, but that isn't the secret. I've posted this before, but THIS is the secret. It was written about basketball, but it applies to football just as well.

"Fans overlook The Secret completely. Nobody writes about The Secret because of a general lack of sophistication about basketball; even the latest ‘revolution’ of basketball statistics centers more around evaluating players against one another over capturing their effect on a team.Numbers help, but only to a certain degree. You still have to watch the games.The fans don’t get it. Actually, it goes deeper than that—I’m not sure who gets it. We measure players by numbers, only the playoffs roll around and teams that play together, kill themselves defensively, sacrifice personal success and ignore statistics invariably win the title. We have trouble processing the ‘teamwork over talent’ thing. But how do you keep stats for ‘best chemistry’ and ‘most unselfish’ or even ‘most tangible and consistent effect on a group of teammates’? It’s impossible. That’s why we struggle to comprehend professional basketball."

It's why Zlatan was bad for Barca. Why Gomez was bad for Bayern. Great players, great stats, but the team was worse. Dani Alves is a great teammate and a great player. That's why he is so successful. And it's why I will always rate Messi over Ronaldo.