Kit Makers Showoff Thread


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Here are my Real Madrid Kits.

More ktis and screenshots of this kit can be found ad Danza's Kit Thread

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Home and THird

the third is kinda messed up with the sleeves thou, i will have to fix it later

I updated this post
It now has the fixed version of Leeds Third


Team Captain
I'm back

Hiya Budge...Whadya mean England 1 Australia 3. Did i miss something while i was in hospital for the week...LOL......What a shambles our lot were...Disgraceful....But bloody well done to your blokes.....I told one of the aussies on here that you lot had no chance of stuffing us.......This humble pie tastes like crap....


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Here are my Tottenham Home, Away and third kits

Comments Pls

BTW Go you Aussie Go :D

There are single jpegs on the EPL THread if you want to d/l them