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Kit Question / Help


Club Supporter
I'm having trouble with a kit, and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on a fix.

I'm not sure where to find the files for the logos/branding that come on the sleeves of the jersey. As you can see from this picture, the Premier League logo shows up twice, and (poorly shown) on the opposite side is a bright yellow 'Kohler' logo that comes from the in-game kit. I get that I could delete the Premier League logo in my custom kit and have the in-game version show up, but the bright yellow Kohler is kind of a deal breaker. Does anyone know how to edit this? Is there a section for this in the FifaEditor/CheatTable/KitCreator tool?



Club Supporter
Hey mate, kinda late for a replay, but you can indeed erase specific team's sponsor, the reason why it still shows even after applying your custom kit is because some teams have their sleeve sponsor (and sometimes league badge too) as a separeted file from the kit.

For your case, Manchester United's team ID is 11

Go to Data Explore, then type this in the search bar "_11_"

Open the "Content" folder then open the "badge" folder go to "badge_0" then "badge_13"

There you will see all the files for the Kohler sponsor, don't worry too much on the files, the files that you want to change are the ones that end in "_color"

Here are the names of the files corresponding to the specific kit they are used in.

"badge_13_11_0_0_0_color" is for the home kit
"badge_13_11_1_0_0_color" is for the away kit
"badge_13_11_2_0_0_color" is for the gk kit
"badge_13_11_3_0_0_color" is for the alternative kit (which i believe is the one you're editing)

Hopefully this helps you!

PD: Sorry for any spelling mistakes