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Kit request thread (request kits here, provide logos and photos)


Club Supporter
Please can anybody convert these fifa 10 kits



Club Supporter
I would like to request a spain 2009 kit. The one they wore during the 2009 Confederations Cup

Thanks in advance


Club Supporter
Questions...cause I hate saying requests.

1. Does a black Leeds United kit exist?
2. If so, where I can find it, and how would I go about inputting it into FIFA 08?


Club Supporter
Hola.¿Alguien me podria hacerme el favor de realizar los kits y minikits de un equipo Colombiano MILLONARIOS F.C?

Les dejo imagenes de los kits Reales:

Y les dejo unas imagenes de esos mismos kits pero son del PES 6 no se si puedan convertir?.


Hello. Anybody could me me a favor and make the kits and minikits MILLONARIOS a Colombian team ?

I leave Royals kits images:

And I have some pictures of those same kits but are of PES 6 if they can not convert?

Sorry for my English: =)











Club Supporter
Este tema ya murio?

Porfavor ayuda a los que necesitamos los kits.

Si ya no aceptan pedidos escribanlo.


Perdon por mi Ingles :)

This topic is dead?

Please help those who need the kits.

If you no longer welcome in the property escrribanlo orders.

Thank you.

Sorry for my English :)


Club Supporter
Este foro esta muerto?

Ayuda con mis Peticiones porfavor :)

Perdon por mi ingles:)


This forum is dead?

Help with my requests please :)

Sorry for my English :)


Club Supporter
Hello I would like Manchester United HOME / AWAY / THIRD kits with that logo from Vodafone .... the home kits with black shorts and the other kits with any colours just with the Vodafone logos .... I would like to be preety realistic..... Thanks