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can anyone continue to make my team jersey please,it take a long time with paint

please help me


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Newcastle United Special Edition Kit 2013/14

hi. im looking for some kind person to make this special edition toon kit.

it was worn on Sir Bobby Robson Day for Newcastle United vs Braga.

These are the best pics of the kit I could find.

For Bobby....



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Please can someone make the Juventus GK's kit ( the black one with green stripes on the shoulders of Juventus-Lazio ) ?
Thank you in advance


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can someone make the tottenham third kit for fifa 13 ???
Its gonna be released friday, but it has already been leaked.

The pics are below. It was leaked with a fifa app.
So just make sure the hp logo is white ... other then that all the same.
BTW, the third kit shorts were leaked earlier this summer. The shorts are gonna be same as the away kit's shorts.

Thanks again!


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Please somebody can extract Northern Ireland´s kits EA Fifa 14 for me. Thanks.

I will use them in one old version of the game. Thanks again.


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He would wish help and that someone were making me 2 equipments, kits, minikits and everything necessary to do it in a patch exe (feasible), to install it in o FIFA 14 PC, and these two created equipments, equipments would replace to the Barcelona B and Royal Madrid Castile, supporting the players of the replaced equipments, in the 2 new ones created. Ojala someone could help. Here I stop imajes and information of 2 equipments that I wish. THANK YOU CONNECT: http: //


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S. O. S. !

How can I restore the kits that are available ?
I have tried so many times via Creation Master' 13 with no result !

Please H E L P !
ManUtdFan20;3366133 said:
Here mate I made it a while ago, Just never uploaded it.

Shirt with bib:


You are amazing kit creator for fifa 13 so plzzzzzzzz make me those kits with white shorts plzz
thank you