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Kit(s) Request Thread


Club Supporter
Anyone can make Porto 16-17 numers and font for FIFA15?

Navyblue for home, white for away, and black for the GK Kit.

And also, this Lyon font? Navy blue for home, white for away, black for GK.


Jay Nightwolf

Club Supporter

hello guys, I saw this video on youtube of a mod kit of the old bundesliga and I noticed that the shorts are like the 70's decade models, but this mod was used in fifa 16 and I was wondering if it is possible to put these old shorts in fifa 15


Club Supporter
hi my friends.is there anyone have besiktas goalkeeper black kit for fifa 15 or 14?

i need download link..thanks

Jay Nightwolf

Club Supporter


  • AWAY - Cópia (2).png
    AWAY - Cópia (2).png
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  • AWAY mini.png
    AWAY mini.png
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  • AWAY SHORT.png
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  • GK mini.png
    GK mini.png
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  • GK SHORT.png
    GK SHORT.png
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  • HOME mini.png
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    HOME SHORT.png
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