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Kits by Ky Kiske

Omega Goku

Youth Team
Hello guys, after a long time without making kits i decided to come back and make some kits, here are my first ones :innocent_smile_1:

Cruzeiro EC Home/Away (collar number in cm: 4)

SC Internacional Home/Away (4)

São Paulo FC Home/Away/R. Ceni Gold Kit (4)

Omega Goku

Youth Team
thank you guys for the comment :D

well i've made a minor mistake on Avispa home kit sleeve, so here is the right one:

Avispa Home(5)

and Luciano i'll think about posting on fifamania.

Omega Goku

Youth Team
thank you TripleOpcion :D

i was going to do some J1 packs, but there is someone who already did it (http://urw08.ehoh.net/) ;) so i'll try to make all J2 teams, and even do a patch with the J2 teams if i have time.

well now time to show one more kit, today i was going to do the Cerezo Osaka kit, but because of some problems i had to do another one

Shonan Bellmare Home/Away (1)

Avispa GK (5)

Omega Goku

Youth Team
thanks lavezzi, i would be grateful if somebody did the minis :D

well now to continue, the Shonan Goalkeeper kit and Thespa Home and Away.

Shonan Bellmare GK (1)

Thespa Kusatsu Home/Away (1)


Reserve Team
Busy these days though, but just one step (H)
Avispa F-u-k-u-o-k-a Home MINI

New Chest logo Home

New Chest logo Away and GK

Logos originally from (Y)

Omega Goku

Youth Team
well this time i'll not post a kit, i've made the Level 5 Stadium last year for PES, today i converted it to FIFA here it is:

Level 5 Stadium (Hakata-no-mori)


and just to show off, i've done the Suwon Big Bird last year for PES too, here is some pic of it (please don't note the fact that it have no grass :))