Kits by moaalves!


Reserve Team
Moa, you're doing great kits, mate. Congrats for your work.

Please reupload the fullpacks, because the links for them are dead (Mexico, Cruzeiro, Corinthians new etc.). Also, your virtual drive from mediafire it's empty!


Youth Team
Hi, can you help with the forms of Aston Villa '12 (sponsored by Nike and Genting) to make the main form of various options for the shorts and socks (white shorts and blue socks. Blue shorts and socks) can make all the possible forms for Aston Villa with sponsors Nike and Genting , including for the goalkeeper. maybe use the form of the current and previous seasons (it is important that remained sponsor Nike and Genting) They had very beautiful kit at season 10-11 blue shirt with black sleeves and blue short,socks.If you can , make this kits, please.


Youth Team
moaalves!;3435705 said:
São Paulo (BRA)
Kitpack 13/14

Can't download:jap: