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adam jansen

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Im unsure........... i though it might be a ggs issue, perhaps your PNG type is unusual as mentioned above ?

However making your transparent bit oqapue and making it a distinincitve colour (eg R0 G255 B0) and saving it as .bmp, then opening with GGS and turing this colour transparent and a similar shade of blue as too the opaque parts will get rid of the problem...

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Well, i don't think the problem is the .png, because it looks fine when imported with ggs.

The thing is that kitserver imports nicely kits with collar, but struggles with transparency in collars with no-collar 3d models.

if what i said makes any sense.


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you have to make the transparent colour blue instead of white like aj said

and it works fine!!!


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juce_66 said:
Mixing different parts of kits
(shirt from one, shorts from another, socks from a third):

This looks mighty sexy but what about sharing palettes? Do we have to share them between all the kits we have in the team folder in order to mix/match like say home and third kits?


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yeah, the ones that you mix would have to use shared palette. No way around that (at least for the time being). It would still be possible to use non-shared palette kits, but those you can't mix.


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you mean for all the teams in the game?
No way. But, as before, there will be a couple of the example teams - to show how everything's organized.


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hi great juce,

im having strange issues.
if i give a normal team complete kitset (like Sampdoria, which uses model3d number 0) to a friend, were having different results.
if i mix the kits (change shorts on the home or away) i can see it working well, but he doesnt see the changing on the shorts.
Sampdoria uses a full blue kits for home, full white for away.

we have the same kitserver version, same sampdoria kits (unsplitted kits).

why this happens?

tnx, as always :jap: