Latest PES6 Video!!!


That Nice Guy
was that Pro Evo 5?

Because if that was 6, there isnt a cat in hell's chance im buying it.

Aarfy Aardvark

Youth Team
Gaucho-Gaz said:
It is clear konami don't give a damn about it's pc customers.

I bet you pes6 is limited to 1280x1024 and has the same crap console looking ******* graphical user interface as pes5 online for the pc, it's just horrendous and I won't be putting up with that for another year, never mind the freaking lag.

Also, konami don't have a fecking clue what they're going to include in the pc version, they'll leave it to the last minute, hence why there's no pc demo.
But that's pure speculation on my behalf.

Konami have never had a rich history producing PC games.

They always been console ports. Its their commerical base. WE and PES is essentially a console video game.

I'll buy it, but only for online play in the UK. I want to get my hands on the J-league version that comes out a few weeks after the supposed PC release date over here.