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Latest US Marketing observation


Youth Team
As a Brit abroad, I've become increasingly aware of the latest direction in which US promoters are desperately trying to take the game. Currently on TV ads over here for 'Soccer'[in particular the women's league], the emphasis is now being placed heavily on the individual 'stars' promotion.

In Europe, the game has survived for over a century on the 'Team' ethic. I just hope this latest developement doesn't filter too much into the men's game as I think it will be detremental to the 'esprit de corps' which is a fundamental element of any succesfull team sport.

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this sad trend?

zig :D


Reserve Team
Yes. Unfortunately, when teams like Real spend over 120 mil.€ in just two players, it's obvious they must promote those two players more than the others in order to take the maximum revenue from them.

Sad but true...


Make America Great Again
The womens game is sad, bad, and actually the most fun I have ever had watching comedy on television. I watched one game, and they SUCK! No ifs, ands or buts about it. The only thing it is good for is making fun of the moves, or lack of moves these chicks try to pull off. The womens game is good for absolutely nothing, and should not be looked on as something that will translate to the men's leagues. The newspapers from the cities of these teams don't even send reporters to the games.


Youth Team
Actually, I would have to disagree with you there: Your women's national team happen to have a World Cup title under their belts [final vs China was pretty intense, as I remember] - although I understand league games are generally of a lower standard everywhere.

Your men's team have yet to prove themselves in that arena, apart from freezing a few Mexican's recently, in order to win. :D

And as for TV promotion of the men's game, it's virtually non existent as far as I have [or have not] seen, apart from NSPL2. I was previously commenting more on this new direction of promotion in general, which may already be filtering to Europe. And by the sounds of the previous post above, already is.

zig :D


Make America Great Again
My women's national team could have 100 Women's world cup's under their belt for all I care. The fact is that the worst professional, or semi-professional team in England would destroy the Women's WC team. The U-17's had a scrimage against the women, and murdered them.

It doesn't mean anything to the game, it is just a new thing, so people care. All it is around for is so Sepp Blatter can make himself more money by selling out the Rose Bowl to gullible Americans who think they are seeing great football. They aren't. I would be on the national team NOW if I was a woman. We had a girl who is on the U-17 National Team at our school. She sucked. This from me, who had a combined 0 minutes playing for varsity last year as a junior!!!!

I HATE the fact that this pathetic excuse for a sport gets more air time than the MLS, The US Men's National team, and all the leagues in Europe. It makes me vomit on the television.


Club Supporter
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