Laverni's Faces


Youth Team
Soon I'll post these two before the FP



Youth Team
Brother! Excellent faces, you just keep getting better at this! Don't think that Bombardero is coming back anytime soon so any way you can hook me up with some Peruvian players? Thanks again for all your contributions!


Youth Team
pepakuramasta;3981000 said:
how to fix this?

The base model I used had some f**kd up teeth. And I'm not sure how to fix that, I am thou, making his face larger since it looks too small. Don´t worry guys, these are not the final results, I always do some fixes.

As soon as i get time I shall upload the facepack and some fixes



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Great faces and effort...Any chance of doing Ezequiel Ponce?

Also, Simeone's head is pretty small compared to his body for some reason.