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Liga ZON Sagres Patch From Brothers Workshop

Al Pacino PT

Starting XI
Grafsky;3352476 said:
they looks bad in-game.
I didn`t like them. It`s better to use the standard EA logo, or 3D.
In any case, this is just my opinion.
thnx for patch

Ok you can stand with it, is ok.
Honestly I don't like the 3D ones, you can't recognize them

Al Pacino PT

Starting XI
I didn't forgot, I need to find time to do it;)
I have like 30 minutes for day in the my pc, at the moment I can't do that;)

Al Pacino PT

Starting XI
druyda;3362912 said:
hi al_pacino, you can put adboards in rx3 format? Thank you.

I will send you a pm with that.

bina;3366813 said:
Hmm, missing Ricardo Esgaio for Sporting. Did you forget make him on purpose?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this Patch, very good, I'm loving it.

Yes we did.
The situation is quite clear, FIFA has a limit of players, and I had to choose which ones of the B I would put, so I decided to create the ones that already played for the team, like Betinho or Eric Dier. In the time that the patch was made, Esgaio haven't played on the A team yet.


Senior Squad
you can find my Liga Zon Sagres complete adboard pack in my thread and use it in your patch simply with my credits...I hope you enjoy my work...

David Reis

Club Supporter
Hi guys! This is my first ball for FIFA. Adidas Cafusa it's the World Cup 2014 ball but will be in the next 2/3 years the ball most seen in Championships and Cups. This ball couldn't be made if it wasn't for the layout of the great Darxxx's new Adidas Europa League ball.
The layout of the balls is different, more realistic than previous version. Change was made to all versions. Added new version of Cafusa (Adidas Cafusa Glider)

Here's the ball of Adidas Cafusa Confederations Cup 2013, Powerorange and Glider 2GK for you to enjoy. :jap:

Links updated! :mike:


Don't forget to read the "ReadMe.txt", for instrutions.
Hope you enjoy it.


Al Pacino PT

Starting XI
Good ball.
FEP 13, I don't know which patch is that and I have doubts that it has the GFX of our patch, if it has, no permission has been asked.