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Liverpool FC 2015-2016

Discussion in 'Team Threads Forum' started by O-car, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Sir Didier Drogba

    Sir Didier Drogba Head Official Staff Member

    What does the rest of her look like?

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  2. Pogba4Now

    Pogba4Now Yellow Card :: Exp. 17/05/14 :: Slowing Azrael's P

    You should investigate. You're good at these things
  3. kp41

    kp41 Fan Favourite

    Fucking Mane
  4. Pogba4Now

    Pogba4Now Yellow Card :: Exp. 17/05/14 :: Slowing Azrael's P

    Have you found a picture of Ashleigh Craig Stewart?
  5. Tom

    Tom That Nice Guy

    Well that was predictably shit.
  6. Pogba4Now

    Pogba4Now Yellow Card :: Exp. 17/05/14 :: Slowing Azrael's P

    Life starts without Coutinho.
  7. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    Liverpool's defense is still shit. They should spend some of the coutinho fee on quality defenders.
  8. ChungaHungry

    ChungaHungry Club Supporter

    Exactly. They didn't look like they missed Coutinho. Mane, Salah, and even Firmino saw to that. Apart from Trent Alexander-Arnold, their defence continues to be atrocious. Okaka bullied them silly.
  9. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    I'm just thinking...Pepe's contract ended at RM. Why didn't liverpool go for pepe? He was gonna be absolutely free and he was still a strong presence in defense. Though he was old he would have added some quality in their defense. But then again he wasn't any young.

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